About Us

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are a private dentist in Sunderland who pride ourselves on our world class standards and providing the best quality treatments and service.

With our commitment to advanced education and hands on training, the team at Riveredge go way beyond the "required" levels of service.

Our focus on staying current with the rapid technological advances taking place in dentistry today keeps us at the top of the tree when it comes to smile creation.

Our successful completion of many top level cosmetic dentistry courses in the USA and throughout the world is unsurpassed by any other cosmetic dentistry team in the country, placing Riveredge firmly at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry here in the UK.

Cosmetic dentistry is a complex speciality within the field of general dental services and the experience of the dental team is paramount. We are immensely proud of our commitment to excellence and are happy to provide you with a current list of the national and international courses we have completed.