Gaps Closed


Smiles with noticeable spaces between the teeth, especially right in the middle, are considered ugly by many people. We can reduce your gap and perhaps leave a small space. Alternatively, we can close it down altogether if you prefer. Adhesive composite bonding techniques require no drilling at all, just very clever dental glue, to provide a more minimally invasive approach compared to porcelain veneers.

Treatment Benefits


Does my gap have to be completely closed?
For many people their gap is part of their personality; a “trademark smile” if you like, and to have it fully closed may be a step too far. But aren’t you just a little bit curious how you might look with a lightly smaller gap? We can show you!
Shouldn’t my spaces be closed with porcelain veneers?
Of course your gaps can be closed using porcelain veneers or even crowns, but recent advances in composite bonding techniques mean your spaces can also be closed with a less invasive approach using hi-tech dental adhesives. Composite resin can be bonded t
Will my speech be altered?
Your speech may well be changed, perhaps for the better! Many people report that they no longer whistle or lisp once their spaces are closed.
What if I change my mind?
If your gap is closed using composite bonding it is a relatively simple task to remove the resin material and restore your gap to its former glory. However, in the 14years since Riveredge was founded, we have been asked to do this for just one patient. We