Gum Lift

gum lift

When you show more pink gum than white teeth when you smile, it’s official; you've got a “gummy smile” and its odds on you don’t smile too broadly. Thankfully a “gum lift” can remove excess pink gum which will make all the difference, and the good news is its available right here at Riveredge.

Treatment benefits


It sounds painful, does it hurt?
Our patients are always pleasantly surprised at just how painless it is. Thanks to the marvels of modern anaesthetic techniques you will feel nothing. It’s much less trouble than a simple extraction
Can I eat after the procedure?
Normal foods, yes, but do be careful with rough or sharp foods for a couple of days. Perhaps of more concern for some is that your kissing gear will also be out of action for a few days too. You know who you are!
How long does the treatment take to heal?
There is no swelling and no bruising after you have had a gum lift, so you will recover much more easily than you might expect. It’s much less traumatic than a simple extraction and we expect you to be back at work the next day
Can anybody have a gum lift?
Yes, as long as you are fit and well and you have stopped growing - this is usually around 18yrs. At Riveredge we have a very thorough assessment protocol (which Ken teaches to other dentists worldwide) to ensure you get the right results.
Will the gum grow back?
A gum lift is a very precise technique but if carried out by an experienced dentist, then the gum will stay happily in its new position. Your final gum bone position is critical. As ken always says “the bone sets the tone”