Traditional tooth braces were ugly and cumbersome and were fixed in place, often for years. Now, thanks to modern technology, your teeth can be straightened with removable braces which are virtually invisible, and often in a matter of weeks. Clear plastic appliances fit discretely over your teeth and are virtually undetectable. Another removable brace is the Inman Aligner which uses titanium technology to quickly straighten your teeth. You may be pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be to finally have straight teeth.

Treatment Benefits


How long does the treatment take?
Most cases will take between 6-16 weeks
How long are the aligners to be worn?
The more you wear the appliance, the quicker your teeth will move. We recommend full time wear and only remove it for mealtimes; the choice is yours
How will I know if I am suitable for this treatment?
Rapid orthodontic treatment works best on your front six teeth; the teeth which show when you smile. However, if you have extremely crowded teeth then you will still need conventional orthodontic treatment, but we are happy to recommend the best approach
Will the appliance affect my speech?
At first you may experience slight problems, but our patients tell us they soon get used to it and report few issues