Porcelain Bridges


A porcelain bridge is a tried and tested way to fill ugly gaps in your smile or to improve chewing by replacing missing teeth. We can design a beautiful lifelike fixed porcelain bridge for you if you do not want to wear removable false teeth for the rest of your life; and who would!

Treatment Benefits


How will I know which bridge type is best for me?
We appreciate you may need advice so allow us to spend time with you to help you choose the best option, but the final decision is always yours
How long will a bridge last?
With careful maintenance we confidently expect our bridges to provide many years of service. We know you will want to take care of your new bridge so of course we will always ensure you receive the best advice
Are bridges expensive?
As you might expect, at Riveredge we work only with world class ceramic specialists. For over ten years now we have worked with Frontier Dental Laboratory across in California; google them!!! Obviously our fees reflect this quality but rest assured our fe
Do they become loose or fall out?
Unlike granny’s old false teeth, a porcelain bridge is cemented into place and is designed to stay put. Obviously any bridge can be damaged, but taking care when eating should ensure your bridge remains safe. Equally, if you play rugby or perhaps practice